How to win at Video Slots

If you find yourself playing video slot and feeling like you never win then you need to read this article. It is undeniable that video slots are games of chance, but there are certain tips, hints and advice that can help you make the most out of your experience and hopefully win you some more money! The most important tip is where to play. We recommend Golden Riviera Casino where you get a free play bonus of $2500!!!

There is not exactly a secret to help you win loads of money, but there are certainly ways of playing that will help you maximise your profit on video slots and bring home a lot of instant cash, whether it be for a home renovation or for that big holiday you’ve always wanted to go on.

There are hundreds or perhaps even thousands of different video slots you can choose from, and which one you pick normally comes down to which one catches your eye. However, the first piece of information which you must be aware of is that some video slots perform well in terms of pay out and some have a lot harder odds which means your chances of winning are significantly lower. Knowing which one to choose often comes down to knowledge. Video slots that have a higher jackpot are often programmed with harder odds. This means that fewer people will have the chance to win the large jackpot. So, for example, a video slot that offers a huge jackpot will likely be harder to win any money on, whereas a video slot that offers a smaller jackpot will probably provide more chance of a win. Of course you must take into account that the harder odds means larger prizes if you do win, and vice versa, no matter if you play in Vegas or in an online casino.

The video slots with lower jackpots which offer higher odds on winning will more likely pay out more frequently even if they do provide smaller amounts of money, meaning if you can play them properly you will maximise your money more efficiently.

Progressive video slots are perhaps the most obvious example of this. Each time some money goes into the progressive video slots, the jackpot is increased. Therefore, each time the jackpot is increased the chance of winning on the machine is decreased. Nonetheless, winning a large jackpot on one of these machines could be life-changing and so if you are planning on playing on a lot of video slots, you should definitely put some money aside to dedicate to these machines. The odds of winning a life changing sum of money may be low on these machines, but they still offer some chance, which is not present in other video slots.

The non-progressive video slots are independent of other machines and as such have higher pay out rates. These are better for people with less money who would like to have a more casual experience, or for those with more time to work the machines, this is not to say that they cannot effectively provide profits. A solid range of those slot games can also be found at 888.